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 Giloy Capsules Herbal Remedy Benefits and Uses

Giloy Capsules are made from Tinospora cardifolia. Now, Giloy becomes very powerful because it is used to cure swine flu. Ayurveda described Giloy as Amrita because of its various remedy properties. Luv Herbal Giloy Capsules are 100% natural and pure that used in the therapy of cardiac debility, skin problems, chronic fever, jaundice, anemia and all types of cancers. Giloy used as digestion, anti-pyretic, anti-arthritic, anti-cancerous and blood purifier. More than 30-40 species of giloy availab

Giloy available in different states with the different name. These are:

Bengali Name: Gulanchae

Tamil Name: Shindilakodi

Hindi Name: Giloy

About Giloy

1.       Giloy helps to build immune system. This makes body strong against infection.

2.       Giloy use for anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and immune modulator properties.

3.       Giloy helps to increase the killing ability of macrophages.

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Giloy Capsules Benefits and Uses:  

1.      The juice of giloy roots is very effective in Urinary problems.

2.      Giloy use to protect stomach by increasing production of mucin.’

3.       Giloy plant use in various mental disorders

4.      Giloy plant regarded as one of the best herbal supplement.

5.      Giloy is useful in the therapy of swine flu, weakness and urinary tract infections.

6.      Giloy capsules are capable of fight with every infection in body.

7.       Giloy capsules are very effective I fibrous changes.

Thursday, Feb 16, 2017
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