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 Kidney Disease Causes and Therapy

Kidney Disease Causes and Therapy : The kidneys are dark red bean shaped organ. Nephrons are the basic structure of kidney. These are very small microscopic structure which is responsible for filtering the blood. There is about one million of nephrons. About 180 liter of blood passes through the kidney every day. Kidney filters this blood and sent back to heart. The toxins are then excreted out through urine, most common excretion are toxic drugs, hormones, salts, & wa


Mostly in kidney problems the Nephrons are damaged, they lose their filtering capacity. Because of damage of Nephrons, both the kidneys are affected. Most common cause of Renal failure is Diabetes & High Blood Pressure .

CKD (chronic kidney Disease):- The patients having CKD feel tired and lethargic; often goes for urination have muscle cramps, swelling in their feet and hands, loss of appetite etc.

A stage comes when the kidneys stop working completely. The patient’s body in filled with extra fluid & toxins. The condition is known as Uremia. and if it is not treated it may lead to Seizure attack. The patient of this condition needs a regular Dialysis or kidney Transplant.

Dialysis  :- In this blood travels through a series of tubes into the Dialyzer which act as a filter and removes out the waste, extra salt, water and toxin from the blood and the clean blood flows through another set of tubes back into the body.

Luvherbal Kidney care is a well established ancient Ayurvedic formulation which relieves number of kidney problem. Punarnava is a natural diuretic which helps in flushing out excessive water from the body. It also strengthens the kidney & prevents kidney failure. 

Saturday, Dec 3, 2016
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