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 Causes and Therapy of Sexual Problem of Men and Women

Causes and Therapy of Sexual Problem of Men and Women : A sexual problem refers to a problem during which occurs during sexual act that prevents the man or a couple to have satisfaction during the activity. Researchers suggest that sexual dysfunction is common in 43% women and 31% of men. Unfortunately many people hesitate to discuss but fortunately most of cases are treatable so it is important to discuss your problem and have complete knowledge about it.

Causes and Treatment of Sexual Problem of Men

1.  Most common sexual problem in men is

A.  Ejaculation disorder -  This refers to the condition where ejaculation occurs before or soon after penetration.

B.  Slow Ejaculation – This happens when ejaculation slows to occur.

C.  Retrograde Ejaculation – This happens when ejaculation is forced back into the bladder.

2.   Erectile Dysfunction: - it is the inability to attain and maintain an erection for satisfactory intercourse.

3.   Lack of sexual desire: - it refers to a decrease in desire or interest in sexual activity.

Causes of Sexual Problem of Man and Woman

There are many factors responsible for the above following problems. It may be physical, psychological and medical illness such as diabetes, high blood pressures certain medication like antidepressants.

Treatment of Sexual Problem of Man and Woman

Most of the sexual dysfunction can be corrected. Luvherbal  provide a natural & safe solution for all sexual dysfunction. Power plus provide a unique formulation of rare &precious herbs that works as a natural power enhancer. It is a natural aphrodisiac. It is best remedy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) & premature ejaculation.

Extra power  plus:- It is ultimate Ayurvedic & 100% organic formulation which improves stamina, timing related problems, wakes your physical life wore enjoyable and fulfilled. It gives extra time for longer physical act, extra strength for longer satisfaction & extra pleasure every time. 

Saturday, Dec 17, 2016
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