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Diabetic Care Pack of 60 Capsules

Diabetic Care Pack of 60 Capsules

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Sugar Balancing Formula

Diabetic Care Capsules is the best herbal remedy for the diabetic. It is a mixture of different types of herbs that effectively use to control diabetes and blood sugar level. It contains different types of herbs like gymnema, momordica , ptereocarpus and salacia . Diabetic Care Capsules is not only used control sugar but also for preventing diabetic neuropathy and other complications.   


Syzygium Cuminii 100 mg.
Gymnema Sylvestre                            50 mg.
Withania  coagulans                           75 mg.
Terminalia Chebula                             25 mg.
Terminalia bellirica                             25 mg.
Embilica Officinalis                             25 mg.
Tribulus Terretris                                 50 mg.
Momordica Charantia                       75 mg.
Boerhaavia diffusa                             25 mg.
Berberidaceae   50  mg.


100% Ayurvedic product which helps in lowering the blood sugar level in a natural way. Very helpful in newly diagnosed diabetes.


For better results take two capsules twice/thrice a day or as directed by your Physician.


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Diabetic Care Pack of 60 Capsules
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