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Aloevera Pack of 60 Capsules

Aloevera Pack of 60 Capsules

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Promotes Normal Tissue Repair

Aloevera capsules use for skin disorders. It helps to maintain and revive skin that helps to make dry and shineless skin look beautiful.Usually, Aloevera is used for skin infections and skin diseases, gastritis, unhealthy hairs, and inflammations. Also, it is used in the therapy of high blood pressure, gastric ulcers and inflammation control without any side effects. Aloevera contains Vitamin C and E which helps to recover from skin inflammation and other ailments.


Aloevera Ext.        Aloe Barbadensis     500mg.


·        Supports digestive system.

·        Acts as detoxifying agent.

·        Research claims that Aloevera can prevent and slow down the development of diabetes.

·        Supports immune system.

·        Regulates weight & Energy Levels.

·        Hair grower.

·        Anti bacterial


Take two capsules twice/thrice a day or as directed by your physician. 100% natural product for better results takes it for 3-4 months. Results may vary based on sex, age, health & diet. Being natural shows no side effects.


Size (Per Unit)
Size (Per Unit) 60 Capsules

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Aloevera Pack of 60 Capsules
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