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Body Massage Oil 200ml

Body Massage Oil 200ml

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Luvherbal Body Massage Oil contains internationally acclaimed ingredients know for calming effects on skin. This Body Toning Message Oil contains herbals elements which are known to firm skin and prevent skin slackening by improving elasticity. One can experience silky, smooth and toned skin. Besides, also may help heal skin tissue, lighten discoloration & enhance skin radiance. The exotic aroma of these herbs helps uplift & gives refreshing effects on body.

Direction for use:

Gently massage the Luvherbal Body Toning Massage Oil on clean skin using upward circular movements. You may use this oil before shower, stream or sauna bath.

Each 10ml contains:
Convolvulus Pluricaulis  100 mg
Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel                           150 mg
Cinnamomum Camphora 200 mg
Onosma Hispidum  50 mg
Vigna Mungo     100 mg
Cocos Nucifera 1 ml
Almond Oil  0.5 ml


Our oil are extracted from natural herbs enriched with vegetables oils. No harmful mineral oils are used to during it preparation. 

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Body Massage Oil 200ml
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