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Cool Oil 200ml

Cool Oil 200ml

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 Natural COOL OIL

 Premium Quality

How to use:

Gently massage your head before going to bed for sound sleep & can relieve your whole day stress & fatigue. Packed with combined goodness of all quality ingredients, Luvherbal Cool Oil may help in :

Headache & Stress

Boosting memory power

Body Ache even Migraine

Preventing hair fall & giving nourishment

Promoting sound sleep & giving

Refreshing feeling next morning

An Ayurvedic Product

Each 10ml Oil contains:
Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis  80 mg.
Phyllanthus Emblica  80 mg.
Eclipta Prostrata  80 mg.
Malvaviscus Arboreus  80 mg.
Cypersus Scariosus  50 mg.
Abrus Precatorius  70 mg.
Abelmosehus Mosehatus  70 mg.
Aloe Vera 70 mg.
Mentha Arvensis  0.500 ml.
Cinnamomum camphora        1 ml.
Sesamum indicum  Base Q.S


Our oil are extracted from natural herbs enriched with vegetables oils. No harmful mineral oils are used to during it preparation. 

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Cool Oil 200ml
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