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Fit One Protein For Active Women 2Kg

Fit One Protein For Active Women 2Kg

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Protein for Active Women

Excellent Source of protein and Fiber Low fat formula Supports a Healthy low carb Lifestyle Vitamins, Minerals and Fat Burner, High Protein & Low calorie.

Nutrition Facts -

Tribulus Terrestris  5gm.
Withania Somnifera 5gm.
Asparagus Racemosus 5gm.
Curcullgo Orchioides 5gm.
Emblica Officinalis 5gm.


1.      Tribulus Terresteis: - It increases Physical strength. It promotes muscle gain, Natural Anabolic. It regulates the production of Testosterone. It is famous among athletes as it increases endurance. It returns Strength & Courage. It converts bad fat in the blood into available energy. It strengthens Immune System. It’s being used for more than 3000 years. The Plant (Fruit) is also used for its anabolic effect by body builders as it promotes building of muscle mass.

2.      Withania: - Also known as Indian Ginseng reduces Cholesterol Level. It also improves Parkinson’s Symptoms. It Restore the body & Increase longevity. It has Dual Capacity to energies & calm at same time. It is Antidepressant Drug. It has dual Capacity to energies & calm at same time. It is Antidepressant Drug. It overcomes physical & mental Stress. It also promotes Relaxation, Provide Energy, and Increase Stamina.

3.      Asparagus: - Good Source of Vitamin A, C, E & K and Chromium. It neutralizes cell damage, free radical & slow down aging Process. It is a food that Contain a valuable amount of carb that support our digestive wealth.

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Fit One Protein For Active Women 2Kg
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